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Professional Pest Management

Service that you can trust.

When we perform your service, we're trained to inspect and locate all the potential areas that pests could harbor, preventing an infestation from reaching your home.
Keeping our clients free from:
- Termites
- Bed-Bugs & Bat-Bugs
- Spiders
(including Black Widow & Brown Recluse)
- Cockroaches
- Mice & Rats
- Carpenter Ants
- Carpenter Bees
- House Ants
- Fleas
- Wasps & Bees
- Centipedes & Milipedes
- Camelback Crickets
- Powder-Post Beatles
- Asian Lady Beatles
- Fruit Flies & Knats
- Cluster Flies
- Etc.
Preventative Pest Maintenance
saves you:

100 % FREE extra service calls

with our Quarterly Maintenance Program!


Animal Removal & Relocation Say good-bye to that pesky raccoon or possum that's been harassing your garbage-cans! Utilizing tools such as Have-A-Heart  live traps, no animals are harmed with our methods & you'll sleep soundly knowing Rocky Raccoon is no longer taking shelter in YOUR attic!


At Affordable were committed to the well-being and safety of our clients home & family. Our team specializes in creating a safe, pest free environment in your home. See why we have been deemed the Termite & Pest Control Experts...

At Affordable, keeping the client happy is our goal. 


We take pride in our staffs:


-Friendly Demeanor



-Superior quality service



Communication when it counts!
We know that the pests don't follow a 9am-5pm schedule. We leave a communication line open to you 24/7, allowing us to schedule your service for ASAP, because when it matters to you, it matters to us.

The Madagascar Hissing Cockroach exhibit can be seen daily

at The Wonderlab in

Bloomington, Indiana.

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