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Bed Bugs.

(Cimex lectularius)

Because every case is different,

we tailor the best program that caters to your needs.

Control. Starts. Here.


The health and well-being of our clients is our number 1 priorty.  Bed-bugs cause strains on their hosts financial, physical, and mental health; we offer a solution.


In the last 5 years the re-imergence of bed bugs has developed and spread through multi-home housing complexs and residential homes alike.  At Affordable we've been on the scene since day 1, providing our clients with the most up-to-date research & developement in helping to create a bed-bug free environment in their home.

Do-It-Yourself treatments end up increasing the severity of the case! Please call us for your FREE inspection today! We will leave you with a professional opinion and the control options available to you!

100% Eradication Results!

For a quote today:

Free Inspections & Estimates

Every job begins with identifying the critical factors that create the perfect treatment plan for you:


-severity of the infestation

-primary & secondary nesting locations

-pre-measures that the homeowner can take for immidiate relief.

-evaluation of possible secondary contamination sites.


After the inspection is performed we will leave you with an inspection report, treatment preporation literature, and an estimate.


When the client and our company work together, we create100% eradication results.


One of the most important factors to fully controlling a bed bug infestation is communication and unity between the company performing the treatment and the client undergoing treatment.


-Each of our technicians provides the client with their contact information, opening a 24/7 communication line, making your questions and input  our priority.


-Materials that will help educate the customer on both the habits and biology of the insect are provided in addition to the treatment preparation literature, which gives step-by-step instructions on properly preparing for your treatment.

Early detection is crucial for successful management and minimalizion of the infestation.

Do you worry about bed-bugs in your home? Worry No More!


Ask us about our Prevenative Service Plan to keep your home free from potential infestation!

(Actual Size)

-1 week between each stage


-feeding ocures every 5-10 days.


-typical nesting locations are within 6 feet of where the host spends most of their time within the dwelling.


-feeding lasts 3-10 minutes in which they consume 6x their body weight.

Life cycle of Cimex lectularius (Bed Bugs)

Infestation Scenerio:

Month #2- There will likely be around

10 adult bed bugs, but as many as

150 nymphs and eggs.



Month #3 - This is when things start

to heat up, with as many as 100 adults

and 1,000 nymphs and eggs.



Month #4 - At the 120 day marker, the

bed bug population reaches its

exponential growth stage.

With population explosions  up to 200

adults, 5,000 nymphs, and 2,000 eggs.



Month #6 - If means to control the population have not been emplimented at this point and there is stil a a host for the insects to feed on, the population could reach 8,000 adults, over 100,000 nymphs, and 70,000 eggs. All rooms in the dwelling are severely infested, and places that the host visits have undoubtably turned into secoundary contamination sites.

Month #1 - If only a single pregnant female is introduced into the home (possibly the result of traveling to somewhere infested or staying in a hotel room that has an infestation) there will only be one breeding adult bed bug within the first month of infestation. However, there will be as many as 60 nymphs in various stages of developement and 20-30 eggs. After the eggs have hatched the bed bugs must go through 5 stages of growth before they will be able to reproduce. From the time the egg hatches to the adult stage will take anywhere between 3-5 weeks.


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