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Affordable's Green Alternative

We contribute to our communities environmental health with responsible pest management practices. Our ongoing education, research, & development allow us to provide you and your family with the safest and most effective treatment options available, without compromise to the environment.

Our Pest Control Programs Include:


Comprehensive Property Inspection- Our technicians are trained to recognize and identify possible harborage sites both inside and out. They will also look for potential food & water sources that will attract insects towards the home. Inspections are one of the most important aspects to solving the problem. Each time we service your home a full inspection is performed.


Interior Baiting- Rather then spraying harsh pesticides throughout your home we utilize precision bait placement techniques. These techniques minimalize any possible exposure to your family.


Crack & Crevice Perimeter Treatment- Pests can enter your home through a variety of ways and spaces of which homeowners are often unaware. We identify & service the most likely entry points on a regular basis; prevention is the most effective method of control.


Communication- Upon completion our clients are provided with a thorough verbal report of  any potential problems or entry points that were found including products used and treatments performed. We will also leave you with any special instructions or suggestions as to how we can work together to eliminate potentially conducive conditions and entry points.



SMART℠ Routing

"For more time to do what YOU enjoy."



Systematically Mapped Area Routing Technique.


Utilizing this system provides us with ability to schedule our clients based on their geographical regions, creating a more uniform schedule where we can provide the customer with:



Rather then leaving our clients with a broad timeframe like most service companies, we can narrow it down to a two hour or less window.

Area Routing

With a geographical client database we are able to provide the most affordable prices possible.

Minimalizing Our Footprint

Less time on the road means lower fuel consumption and less exhaust emissions, keeping our ecological footprint to a minimum.   As of 2023 we have replaced 25% of our fleet with all electric vehicles, and have a current goal of a 50% reduction in exhaust emissions by 2025.

Our commitment is to YOU
and our

Paperless Billing


Paperless billing not only cuts down on a cluttered mailbox, but cuts us out of a method reliant on deforestation! We are happy to offer all of our contracts, written materials, and bills in digital copies. All we need from you is an e-mail address!

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)


The IPM approach to pest management is a method described as:


"A substainable approach to manage pests by combining biological, cultural, physical, and chemical tools in a way that minimalizes economic, health, and environmental risks." -National Coalition of Integrated Pest Management (NCIPM)


This methodology is incorporated into all of our service plans, meaning we provide our clients with the most effective services with the least impact.

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